These Are Our



Apparel Production

In our own factory we make complete production pallet of corporate casual and sports clothing. Members of the production team are experienced in cutting, sewing for more than 15 years. Our cutting and sewing departments are equipped with high-quality cutting and sewing machines from the brands Juki and Brother.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a process that applies ink directly onto clothing and fabric using mesh screens. It is a great option for companies who need to produce promotional merchandise or personalised workwear. We have invested in top of the line automatic screen printing and pre-press equipment from the brands M&R and Grünig.

Investing in the best screen printing equipment on the market gives our staff the tools they need to produce finely screen printed apparel consistently and efficiently.


Screen Printed Transfers

Following a similar process to screen printing with the use of a meshed screen, a logo is printed onto a heat transferable paper. Then using a heat press machine the logo is transferred to the garment. 

This branding technique is perfectly adapted to caps, individualized jerseys, raincoats, bags, jackets. Our screen printed transfers maintain their properties, even after many machine washes.


Screen Printing Inks

In cooperation with global company Avient we dispose with all kinds of colors. We use Wilflex Inks, considered to be the industry leader in screen printing inks.

Using high quality ink ensures that design looks as good on a T-shirt as it does on paper. Many cheaper solvent-based inks contain harmful compounds and endocrine disruptors (phthalates) that are damaging to the environment. When you buy screen printed garments from us, you can be sure that our inks are 100% Phthalate-free.


Textile Auxiliaries

In cooperation with German company we dispose with textile chemicals for dyeing, finishing, coating and the pretreatment of natural and synthetic fibers.



All items are steam ironed, neatly folded and packed individually into poly bags.



We heave many isles of storage so we can keep items in stock. By doing this it increases our production speed and enables us to be a more efficient in all aspects of our company.